Christian is the editor of and specialises in creative technology and communications, working with multimedia creation, social media documenting and amplification. He consults internationally, once in Singapore, and has worked with various news agencies, political parties, the UN, and the arts and corporate sector. 

Christian spent his early days switching multiple jobs and had many different experiences. He was able to get many clients because people saw him jumping from boat to boats working on different projects. Christian Payne is interested in telling stories with images and believes through talking, teaching and documenting, he is able to sustain his core businesses. He is currently working with agencies on using the phone cameras to take photographs. Just need to stand in the right place and shoot at the right time. and only require three shots: Wide shot, middle shot & close up shot is enough to produce compelling content.

Christian noted that the year 2002 had three key disruptors: the emergence of mobile phones, social network platforms and the accessibility of the visual form meant that more people would respond to contents in real time than ever. Thus, the importance of using technology to pull focus on the immediacy of the event/ activity. In this sense, it is no longer about being the photographer, but to think of the larger context of networking. where context matters so much now, it becomes how to effectively become a citizen journalist. Think about:

  1. Why did this connect with people?
  2. How do u connect with your community?
  3. How can you do this better?

Authenticity: the ability to let go of who you think you should be, in order to embrace who you are. How can you connect your community through shared experience communication?

All media is digital, but is all digital mobile?When the community creates the mashing of the media in front of them, what people want now is the shared experience.Depending on the nature and immediacy of the content,  some modes of application and platforms Christian uses include:

Apps: twitter |  Audioboo | Instagram | foursquare |
Platforms: my blog | Posterous | twitter | youtube |Chat square | snapseed | Flickr| #pan | PGP Mail | Newspaper | Online news | My blog| Twitter |

as much as we want to share the news and contents to the whole world, Christian stresses on about protecting ourselves from potential security lapses that it may bring. hence, introducing, the ability to chat in a secure network where phone for text, geography data, video, photos, audio are all encrypted.

Why audio?

  • Less obtrusive
  • Multitasking media
  • Theatre
  • Intimate

voice recorder pro – professional voice recorder that can export in multiple formats and platforms. remember to invest on mic shield.

we can make use of different apps to curate in various areas because whatever can’t be network will become less important.

PHOTOS | AUDIO | VIDEO | NEWSLETTER  |  | 360 camera: Ricoh Thetas

Finally, Tips and advice
– Give images away, workshop, podcasts, Vlog, blog/newsletter
– Nurture your networks
– Think where your photos belong.
– Consider using creative commons
– Experiment with non-photography based sites
– Talk to traditional media
– how to make people subscribe to you and then retain them (case in point:


It was a great pleasure to meet Christian Payne as our guest lecturer and I had the opportunity to accompany him around the school campus. For someone like me who has been out of touch with using social media platforms, it was definitely a great learning experience as he personally gave me a lot of useful tips on creating the visual storytelling contents and how I can utilise technology to amplify exposure to our works. I still have much to learn in this area.


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