Founded in 2015, Secret Wood is a Canadian merchandise company based inVancouver, British Columbia, who specialises in designing handcrafted rings. Using jewellery resin and fine woods, their craftsmen create unique wearable experiences by encapsulating tiny secret worlds into one’s fingertips. Every ring is unique and one of a kind and showcase an enchanting secret world.

The world encapsulated into jewellery resin resembles an otherworldly landscape of mountain peaks, complimented by the mixture of effects such as swirls of clouds, snow and aurora. Its ring collections were further complimented by good photography, in which the ring is placed in a seemingly outdoor environment with elements and colour themes that accentuate the product.


This could well be considered as a “provocative landscape” because it resembles a miniature landscape and it connects to many people emotionally as they have never seen such a landscape beautifully encapsulated into a ring product before. Although the product isn’t related to photography directly, but from its homepage website, we can see how this company uses landscape imagery to entice potential customerswith that mystical element. This shows how landscape imagery can still be relevant in product photography. That is if the product is related to the nature elements.


However, if one were to look at the production process of the wood rings, it actually cheapens the idea of a bespoke product. The rings were made of splintered wood and people have figured out the production processes to replicate the product. I guess as long as there is a demand for such product, business will keep coming to them.


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