Hebe Tien is a popular Taiwanese singer, most notably a member of Taiwanese Mandopop girl group S.H.E and later went on establish herself as a solo singer. Growing up under the mandopop culture with SHE and then seeing her becoming a solo singer, I had come to enjoy listening to her solo albums. Among many of her intriguing songs, there was one which her music video had a bit of influence on me in wanting to visit Iceland because parts of the video featured scenes of the Icelandic glacier. Insignificance (Chinese: 渺小) was the third studio album released on 29 November 2013.

Shot in -3 degrees in Iceland, the song lyrics speak of the delicate relationship between individuals and the Mother Nature. she shared on the helplessness she felt when she saw the icebergs broke apart and fell into the ocean during the filming of the music video. From the contrast and yet important presence of every single one in the vast Universe, the message of the song was that everyone is equally significant despite the seemingly minute self.

Part of the official song translation goes like this:

A bustling city breed a lonely polar bear
An innocent child runs across a filthy dump
Confusing memories always remind me of those dedicated moments
While the hideous world sometimes reads me a beautiful poem
Now I know, the darkest sky shows the brightest stars

For all the things done, for all the things yet to be done, for you and me, for all of us who are still alive
Now I know, a magnificent doubt, an insignificant me.
To all the butterflies and robins, to all the bodies and souls, to all of us,
Should I say thanks, or sorry? 

THhe night scenes in her Music video were particularly interesting for me. It makes me wonder of these scenes were digitally manipulated or it was shot on location. I mean, those wide angle scenes were impressive. but how can there be such high tonality between a sufficiently lighted subject against the stars? Well, I don’t have answers to how these scenes were created. But I suppose if one has the budget, anything is possible. For now, let’s just enjoy the music video.


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