Setting up photography Business in Singapore

In a Singapore Yahoo Article dated in August 2016, about These 3 Professionals Took A Leap Of Faith And Went Freelance, one of the professionals features Eddie Teo, a local Freelance Photographer who shares his experience when he first started out his business.

Photographer Eddie Teo, who has shot many local celebrities started off assisting one of Singapore’s top editorial photographers. He quickly picked up trade secrets – the type usually handed down only from master to disciple, before stepping out on his own a few years later. One of the key challenges he faced was the lack of contractual protection for freelancers. Some companies require independent contractors to sign an ‘all-lose-no-win’ contract. (This is because some companies do take advantage of freelancers and not giving them benefits, only to be discarded once not needed)

Having worked with a myriad of teams and clients, Eddie attributes the production of great images to the collective contribution from every crew member involved in a shoot, from the editor’s concept and art direction to the skills of the stylist, hair and makeup artists, as well as the talents.



There were a number of tips that I definitely need to learn about if I were to go down this route after graduation.


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