There are many individuals who are talented photographers out there and they have the aesthetic eye and know how to look for the light. Michel D’Oultremont is one of them, well known for his wildlife photography works and have won two of the most prestigious wildlife photography prizes.

It is pretty interesting to see that he has access to the beautiful countryside forests near his home in Belgium and he made full use of it to be in one with nature. There is a lot of dedication to his passion in capturing common animals in beautiful light, sometimes walking for miles to get what he wants and the incredible amount of patience waiting for them.

In the video Michel said:

“When challenges accumulate, they shouldn’t hold you back, they should be an extra motivation because the next day everything may change.”

This was a very inspiring piece of advice. Even though I am not into wildlife photography but I do agree on these words because this was the same attitude whenever I do my landscape photography. In fact, all of the works that we do requires passion and perseverance to become better in our practices. I hope to exhibit the same passion and perseverance when I visit Iceland.


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