In February, I came to know of the Mentorship programme hosted by a local landscape photographer from Singapore.  I got interested and went on to prepare my portfolio images and proposal for the submission. It was quite a bit of effort, and I thought that the selection would take quite a long while, that I would be able to undertake the mentorship programme after I graduate from NUA. I must be too naive.




Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 23.07.03Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 23.07.11



Three weeks later…..

New updates came while I was in Iceland.

Nope, I didn’t get selected. I didn’t get any reasons out either. Slightly disheartened, but I guess that’s the part and parcel of life that sometimes things don’t go according to your ways. It’ll take me a while to get over it.

but looking back,  I must have committed some mistakes in my selection of images as a portfolio. maybe it really is that my images aren’t coherent. or maybe because my proposal was not substantial enough. maybe I presented myself more like a fanboy than a proper portfolio submission. or maybe, what I have done is nothing new to him.


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