In this workshop with Eizo Print, an instructor came down to teach us about the colour calibrating and why it is important. It was an insightful session. towards the end of it, I had more queries I wanted to get out from him. Hence I decided to it differently by recording the audio of his advice for reference. on top of the topics he has mentioned during the workshop, these questions are important to me because I wanted to be sure that my workflow was in the right practices. This also gives me a little insight about the little secrets in technicalities which only industry people know about.

why do retouchers take such a long time to edit the images for Apple’s huge banners?

What is the use of ProPhoto?

Changing sRGB to Adobe RGB In Camera VS Conversion in Post Process: which is the better workflow?

For still images in Adobe RGB, is 8-bit sufficient or should I switch up to 16-bit? why the different colour profiles?


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