On my recent trip to Iceland has opened up a broader view on how landscapes images can be used on merchandise items, apart from photographic prints. Most of the shops I been to, be it in Reykjavik, tourist gift shops or even in the airport, I tend to see large amounts of merchandise items with printed with landscape images. Perhaps, largely because of how Icelandic people pride themselves of the spectacular views of pristine landscapes that they can offer.

Items with landscape images include:

Chocolate packages | Candy Packages | Post Cards | Photo Books | Stamps | DVD Covers | Mugs | Calendars | Posters | Stationery Items (Pens, Pencils, Cases, etc) | T-shirts |Stickers | Magnets | Lamps | Cushions | Canvas | Mouspads




On the recent seminar about selling our artworks in the NUA Shop on the open day during the exhibition, there were more ideas we could consider producing other than prints and original artwork:

postcards | textiles | shirts | notebook | jewellery | keyrings | 

Why would someone buy it? Who are they buying for? 

  • support artist?
  • a moment of their trip to NUA
  • could not afford a price of the artwork but could buy this in the shop
  • a great gift to give

what we could consider our audiences; cater for families and children who are visiting the exhibition show (lateral thinking). cheap and affordable items that that may appeal to them and they may purchase away with. 

Additionally, we could consider printing with in-house resources, such as: 

laser cutter | fabric printer | vinyl cutter | large format print | flock and foil | perfect binding | giclee paper print?

How do we price our work? What would someone be prepared to pay for this? There are two ways to go about:

Cost up – factoring in all your costs and calculating sales price from there. 

Cost down –  factoring….

The realities of retailing is that NUA asks for a commission of 25% on degree show sales, and commercial…. This commission pays for staffing the shop, credit card charges, as well as marketing and promotion. 






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