Big Book Crit, 30.03.17

Thursday I had the opportunity to show my portfolio works to the some of the Creative Directors in town. There were professional designers, videographers and photographers.The way the session was run was sort of like speed dating, where students queue up at one corner and go to the respective tables of the directors they wish to see at every 15 minutes interval. so wich means one student would only have 15 minutes to introduce themselves and show their portfolio. I was given some background information about the creative directors who would be attending and many of them had participated in the previous session.  In this session, I was specifically targeting these creative directors whom I’ve met previously. My objective was to show them more of my new works again, as well as asking queries regarding my business plans and see what they think. After showing them my works, I felt humbled by their comments and encouragement.

I didn’t print my current images taken from Iceland as they were still not ready. Instead, I prepared my printed images from BA3a, as well as the mirror cube and allenmenstretten series in powerpoint digital presentation, so there were a bit of both. depending on how I felt the conversation went, I would proceed to show them either the print first or the digital presentation. I also had my name cards and portfolio website ready.  So here are the Creative directors I have met:

So here are the Creative directors I have met:


TwoPointOne provides a bespoke service to existing agencies who need specialist video, creative stills photography and motion graphics and to help brands, businesses and broadcasters produce content for an ever-growing range of applications.

Alvin Burrows, Creative Director

Alvin Burrows is a CD for TwoPointOne Ltd. Working in broadcast and commercial video production, motion graphics and photography, his experience is wide and varied. From producing motion graphic title sequences and special effects to working as a director of photography and art director, he produces work for a wide range of commercial and broadcast applications.


“Oh, it’s you! I’ve seen you previously (last big book crit) haven’t I? Yes, great works, definitely a big improvement from the last time we met. You could send post cards to Creative Directors, it’s a good idea! You also have a great business plan, keep going!”

Robot Mascot

Nick Ruston, Creative Director

Nick Ruston is the creative director and founder of Robot Mascot. He has over 15 years’ experience in branding and advertising, working for a number of top ten agencies. His projects include brand development and advertising campaigns for Jaguar, Barclays, Diesel and the British Heart Foundation. Nic is also an artist, represented by The Hay Hill Gallery. His silicone and mixed media works explore the notion of artificial manipulation and in 2009 his work was nominated for the European Art Prize.


“Your landscape works are certainly interesting! If you’re deciding between commercial and fine arts, I’d say, your works are closer to fine arts. Do for art photography. have an agent to help you with this. You could join commercial advertising agency or a photography agency to represent you. I could see your images in books. You can propose ideas for books!”

Big Dog Agency

Big Dog is a multi- award winning creative agency. They create media neutral, compelling ideas built on insight, strategy and experience

Cordell Burke, Creative Managing Partner

Cordell runs the creative department across London, Norwich, Leicester and Birmingham. He’s an experienced CD/AD who has lead integrated creative departments at agencies such as OglivyOne, Tequila (TBWA group) and Saatchi & Saatchi. For many years, this experience has included producing TV, press, posters, Direct marketing and digital creative work for clients such as American Express, IBM, BT, Royal Mail, BP, Prudential, The Army, The Carbon Trust, Aviva, Pret a Manager, Mazda and Rightmove. He’s also won many awards as CD/AD at Cannes, DMA (UK & US), campaign, Creative Circle and US Caples and had been a regular judge at these events. Cordell has featured in campaign’s top 10 DM Creative Directors several times and is a member of the DMA Awards committee.


*I can’t remember*

Steve Wright Photography

Steve Wright, Photographer

Starting fresh from school as an apprentice then spending time travelling the world as a cruise ship photographer certainly was a great start to a career as a photographer which has now passed the 30-year mark.

Photographing for both large international companies like Pretz, Barclays, RAC, etc as well as smaller local companies, the best skills he has learned along the way is how to interact with people. Whether that is the CEO or the worker on the shop floor, being friendly, respectful and greeting people with a smile has stood him in good stead for his photography career.


At one glance, I can tell your Mirror cube photos are really great. But now you need to work out how to make your photos pay for a living. Look at Tom Mackie’s website, see how he sells his images and services.  Look at  Kerry Harrison’s works; You could be selling ideas for a calendar. Pitch an idea to them. Look at The Red Catch Book. You could do video or Timelapse, and show people on Instagram. Get sponsored by glass maker, etc. pitch your idea and create advertising campaigns for them!

Overall, my new works with the mirror cube and Allenmenstretten has so far met with positive responses. After showing them my works, I felt humbled by their comments and encouragement. I am grateful for their advice on how I could take it further from there.


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