Ten photographers from the industry had come down to see our photography works and for a portfolio review session. contempalting on what to images to print and show them, I thought might as well show them the prints i had submitted for BA3a works.

The first gaffe was that I thought my Thursday’s session would be at 11 am as usual. But when I turned up at the table with photographers Jonathan Kitchen and  Jasper White (whom I’ve seen in the previous sessions), a lot of activities were going on and I thought it was strange that I got to present my works first. I later found out after the session, that the session started way earlier than I thought and everyone had presented finish. To think that I woke up early and had a leisurely breakfast before coming down to Uni for the session, I was actually late for the session!

Alas, when I show them my prints, they were somewhat amazed by the quality of work I had produced. it was a positive feedback and I received a lot of advice, things to consider in making them better, or with a commercial value.

For this session, I tried a different approach, as previously guest lecturer Christian Payne suggested, in recording audios as an additional tool to enhance my research. I recorded down their advice in audio, listen to them makes the experience worthwhile.


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