Music Influences: An Introspect

I love listening to instrumental music. As I begin to review the works I have accumulated for the past two years, somehow I begin to realised how music has played a huge part in influencing my photographic works. Interestingly, I have never realised this before until now.

I have a collection of music I listen to when I’m working on specific tasks. For example, If I am stressed out at work I would listen to a slow pace music that would help me calm down and relax, such as Tchaikovsky or Disney instrumental music. I listened to that for two full weeks when I worked on my essay as I needed time to think and consider information. If I am working on photo editing that requires my full attention and concentration and to edit my work as fast as possible, I tend to listen to fast-paced music, such as cinematic orchestra or epic dubstep music.

Recently I have been listening to cinematic orchestra music pieces, such as Transformers, Lord of the Rings,  The Best of Hans Zimmer, particularly the Dark Knight Trilogy soundtracks.

I now realised that whenever I do most of the editing works I tend to listen to Epic music. I would randomly find a two-hour session track on youtube and let it run for some 10 hours at a stretch, playing the next music after the end of the track.  This inspires me to work out the post processing images quickly and as intuitively. The influence of these kinds of music puts me on a seriously focused mode and in turn, makes me search for the “Epic-ness” within a landscape image. The reason I preferred instrumental soundtracks was so that I wouldn’t be distracted by the lyrics or visuals of the music videos. Sometimes when I hear Music videos and if I find the song lyrics to be meaningful I would stop and watch the video. More time is wasted in that sense.

Sometimes I would also find gaming music or Chinese pop songs for a change of mood as I work on my stuff. To name a few, famous Chinese Singers such as Hebe and Jacky Cheung have also influenced me in one way or another.

I have also realised how I subconsciously preferred Ryan Taubert’s “Honour” for my showreel music.

Well, I guess why I loved to take landscape images in its grandeur from a vantage point and edit them into vivid colours and the high level of details was influenced by the choice of music I listen to.


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