Last night we initiated an informal group crit session at my house, just seven days before our final submission hand in. I managed to cook some curry and apple salad while we went through each of our works and portfolio image selections. It was a critical session as sometimes when we are caught up in the rush of getting things done and we may miss out a few details. These details would be picked up by a third person with a different perspective. And so, we went through each other’s scrutiny and came out better with these feedbacks. This session lasted for about 4 hours and we were mentally drained by the time we finished going through everyone’s works.

This was what I got out of from the feedback sessions.

I thought with my RJ & VL, I was almost ready for submission, but it turns out I had a bit more details to look out for before my submission. I would also need to reflect back on the tutor’s feedbacks from my BA3a submission and try to capitalise on my strengths and address the areas of development.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 01.24.42

 I think it is impossible to hit every checkbox with the mammoth amount of task list at hand. But with one weeks’ worth to tighten up our stuff,  I will try to do as much as I can.


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