1st Update: 07.03.16
2nd Update: 14.03.16
3rd Update: 28.03.16
4th Update: 11.04.16

Learning Agreement

Draft Proposal:
Provocative Landscapes (Working Title)



“[we] come from nature.…There’s an importance to [having] a certain reverence for what nature is because we are connected to it… If we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves.” – Edward Burtinsky


  • To highlight certain nature/environmental issues.
  • To make landscape imagery relevant to people, possibly campaign awareness.
  • To collaborate with various people, creative and non-creative.

Motive of project

First and foremost, my objective of this assignment was to stretch the definition of a ‘landscape’, as informed by my earlier research and works. Photographer Edward Burtinsky was an advocate on contributing to nature and environmental conservation, and so was Sebastiao Saldago. I realised the culture of this generation had become more receptive to ‘shocking’ imagery, Oliviero Toscani was the most notable photographer to implore this concept. More recently, photographer Benjamin von Wong utilised a similar concept but took it with a different approach. Kelly Richardson’s ‘Orion Tide’ is yet another example.

Image References & Influences

A 10763Edward Burtynsky – Breezewood, Pennsylvania, USA, 2008

dsc08963-5-2854x1605Benjamin Von Wong – Storm Chasing

Kelly Richardson –  Orion Tide

Tim Simmons – Rockpool #1