Consultation: Ellen Rogers 131216


For this consultation session, I was arranged to see Lecturer Ellen Rogers to discuss the progress of my photographic works. My initial plan was to seek her advice on the portraiture images I have produced from my last shoot. She was probably one of the best lecturers for advice when it comes to fashion shoots.

I let her view all of my works, potential contenders for the 15 images, then the portraiture prints. At first glance from these prints, the shoot looks technically good, but I still sort of didn’t like it as there were other details I did not look at due to time constraint and stress during the shoot. Her advice was  that while having my business cards up now is a good move sinceI can use it to approach models, I needed to reflect back on the photo analysis again.

Her advice was that while having my business cards up now is a good move sinceI can use it to approach models, I needed to reflect back on the photo analysis again and research to show where to go next.

Perhaps look at Storm Thorgerson’s works. not exactly a photographer, but he’s style of imagery of the landscape is quite iconic, surreal, and provocative.

For fashion shoots, look at Lavazza Branding/ adverts. Form an analysis of these Lavazza advert images, understand its opulent narrative. What to talk about in analysis of the advert:

Ruin, expression, fashion, brand, culture, fantasy, colour, make-up, etc.

Another possible analysis about narrative, look at Jeff Wall’s tableaux, which can be detailed or minimal.



For this consultation session, I was arranged to see Lecturer Ellen Rogers to discuss the progress of my dissertation. At first glance, the essay looks well written but I was looking for areas of improvement, particularly the contents I wanted to talk about in my essay.

Firstly, define what is “provocative” in Provocative Imagery.

some of the ideas are complicated

  • Robert Capa? what is the connection to the landscape and provocative?
  • controversial, subversive, rhetoric – aren’t they all parts of provocativeness?
  • Provocative Imagery: define what is “provocative”
  • what changes a person’s view on provocative images?

Simplify the conclusion yo make your point made known. Consider going about my dissertation from these perspectives instead:

  • Personal
  • Cultural/ historical
  • Social
  • Political/ propaganda

She admitted that the topic I chose was quite challenging to begin with, and this made it difficult for her to advice, and eventually told me to consult course leader James Smith for better advice.

Consultation: Junko 29.11.16


After the previous initial sessions with lecturer Junko to discuss my photographic approaches, I went back to her again after getting some portraiture shoots done.  The main reason I sought her advice again was because I thought she would be the best person to advise about the oriental shoot.

Generally, the overall feel looked ‘technically’ good. upon closer look, which she stresses that the details on the subject are important. Refine the details:
– Earrings
– How kimono hold down at front sleeves
– Makeup – try different style too.

For the shoot, I have sort of achieved my objective in translating landscape elements into the portraiture. If I were to do more of this shoot, I might try textile background with plants & flowers, etc. However, I may not want to head into the fashion as my main focus would still be in the landscapes.

Her advice was to get me consider to run the fashion portraiture alongside my landscape, sort of 80:20 ratio.

“See the book (20014) the one we checked on the library search.”




After two weeks of absence from school, I have had so much to catch up on. Start thinking of my direction for this assignment, how I could move on from my summer break photos, and how I could improve on my essay report.

Initial ideas of what I wanted to do during the remaining time of this semester, was to explore ways I could push landscape photography. one was the idea of using mirror cubes and incorporating landscape elements into portraiture shoot.

Suggestions to look at for Mirror reflection:
Dan Graham
Anish Kappor
Tobin Smith

Text: ” Mirrors + Reflection” MOMA: John Sakowsky
– mirror as an extension
– Window as subjective

Suggestion to find MUAs for the portraiture shoot:
Consider looking for MUAs at City College, students ni Makeup courses
or Japanese Hair Salons in London.

Perhaps consider mannequin or barbie dolls?

The body + photography Book.

Bill Brant, Lee Fredind


Had an informal discussion with James Cant and I  updated him of my direction for year three and progression on my cube mirror works, which is first of several projects I intended to take on. His concern was that for each project, although interesting and unique in their own way, I would have to be very careful not to spread myself out too thin.

Upon reviewing the mirror cube project, it was an intriguing experiment and there was possibly worth pushing the idea further with more experimentation. While drawing inspiration from Keith Annat, I needed to understand the concepts of his uses of these mirrors first, possibly what mirrors can represent, and how landscapes can be provocative.

Dan Holdsworth | Roni Horn | Karen Grainger | Yayoi Kusama | Anish Kapoor | Richard Mosse



Quick update on what I have done over the summer break and what I intend to do for my third year. Showed her dome of my best images I have taken from travelling to London, Scotland, Perseids Meteors and around in Norwich, etc. Shared with her the comments I got from during the Big Book Crit when I showed them the same images on paper.

I will be heading back to Singapore for 2.5 weeks in October for family matters, so I need to plan my time really carefully.

Reflective: On favourite photos.


– Composition: rule of thirds, etc.
– Eye travels around the image
– Contrast white is used to draw the eye and no over saturation
– My Personal photographs
– How do I bring the same new experience/passion to a new environment?
– The scale of the image: provocative / formats of photography?


It just the first draft of the essay, and still needs a lot of polishing. there are the other factors I have not considered, but I need to narrow down my research.

– “provocative” – define this in the introduction
– Sublime, Cinematic, Drama: Will adding a person made this image more provocative?
– Look at Aesthetic theory, tones, mood, drama.
– Personal history of the viewer : Do they like it, or are they afraid of the subject?

Look at Gregory Crewdson – why he uses people in the dramatic set?