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James Cant
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Consultation: James Cant 110416

After three weeks, I have finally got to see the lecturers for consultation. So far, Essay report and Self promotional plans are almost completed and film collaboration submitted. which only leaves me with Learning Agreement and time is running out. For James, I had to go straight to the point, about my concerns.

1) Word count for Essay report: It seems I have to expand a little more for my essay report proposal. Also, I have to be very careful with citations and where I get my references from. I would probably need to read through over again.

2) Self-promotional Plan, to streamline or not. I guess I should, but I have also considered many aspects of a photography business, and I was concerned with how I could bring my plans back home, as there may be a certain function not available in Singapore context.

At least, this clears up some of my doubts as to when to stop with theses assignment ad ay it is complete. At all costs I have to focus more on Learning Agreement collaboration.


Consultation: Andy Sapey 110416

After three weeks, I have finally got to see the lecturers for consultation. So far, Essay report and Self promotional plans are almost completed and film collaboration submitted. which only leaves me with Learning Agreement, and time is running out.

I need to find someone to collaborate with within two weeks.
to cast a wider net, Andy advice to look for collaboration with people from  Norfolk Wildlife Trust / Or RSPB – this all depends on how I want to collaborate

for Essay reports, generally a positive response, but perhaps I have to deeper, to look into the works of Robert Macfarlane, Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long.


Consultation: James Cant 020316

Consultation with James Cant was a much-needed session for me, as I have been quite concerned about not being able to find collaboration for my project assignments despite efforts in reaching out to people. His advice were as follows:

  • UEA Geography & Environment Students could be a possible direction.
  • I need to be proactive in selection and collaboration.

At the same time, I will also need to dwell deeper into my research on ‘provocative landscapes’.

  • Look at Edward Burtinsky’s works: Oil & Water
  • I should maintain visual research alongside contextual
  • part of my definitions and developed through
  • prache – if maybe this is how you understand ‘provocative’
  • look into polemic, or Vennard Phillips.

I guess the main concern would still to be what will my first shoot be and why.

Consultation: Andy Sapey 290216

In the light of the project brief, I considered establishing a clarity of direction, to tie all my assignments to a central theme. One week of research has led me to take an interest in ‘provocative’ landscapes. Although I had developed a general direction, I felt the proposal still wasn’t concrete enough, and there were more details which I could look into.

Follow up with Andy Sapey since the first consultation for BA2b.

Full On Vivid color is one area in landscape photography which significantly reflects my forte. I will need to determine and decide my direction: to continue my style or explore new frontiers.

  • I will need to find someone to collaborate with. It is important as this will find me direction. The order of thinking process may go either way
  • I will also need to consider the purpose of the images: why take the images? what are the outcome: Editorial or Advertising, etc.
  • Encouraged to keep researching, look deeper and further.
  • To look at a slew of photographers’ works:
    Nick Meek, Stephen Shore, Simon Norfolk, Kelly Richardson, Tim Simmons, Eric Cahan, Alex Teller, Christain Schmidt, Lucas Campigotto, Joel Sternfeld, Robert ward.
    Ben Henson, Ben Stockley.


Consultation: Andy Sapey 220216

First Consultation of BA2b with Andy Sapey.

Earlier on, I didnt quite understand the rationale of submitting a learning agreement before the consultation session. Based on the earlier lectures, my interpretation was that we had to pair up with a film student, then submit a document proposal. It turns out I was wrong. Andy corrected me that pairing up with a film student was just one of the many ways of collaboration. The proposal should come first.

I did have a rough direction on what I wanted to do next but have not decided the exact route. I wanted to follow through from what the first assignment brief has informed me, to stretch the interpretation of ‘landscapes’. Though the short fifteen-minute session, Andy constructed some questions to help me with understanding the next project brief.

  • Proposal: what do you intend to do
  • Landscape theme: why have you chosen this project?
  • Explore – to have a deeper level of understanding of this theme.
  • The learning outcome will be used to inform the project.

I will need to research for references, to find, to gather as much information to inform my practice. As for the collaboration aspect, I will need to find someone, and quickly.

Some aspects I need to consider includes planning of shoot with spreadsheets, an estimate of costs (to research and find out), Recces & Casting & Test shoots, How much equipment and transportation, etc.

Look at AOP Beyond Lens, as well as photographer Robert Macfarland.