Photographer List

A List of photographers whose works has influenced me, one way or the other. This list contains links to the photographers’ portfolio, my analysis of their works/images, spanning across my research from year two to year three and is not exhaustive.

Masters / Deceased (9)

Ansel Adams                | AnalysisResearch
Raghubir Singh            | Analysis
Thomas Annan            | Research
Lewis Hine                    | Research
Robert Capa                  | Research
Saul Leiter                     | Analysis 
Bill Brant                       | Analysis 
Keith Arnatt                 | Analysis
Storm Thorgerson      | Analysis

Landscapes (21)

Gregory Crewdson    | Analysis 
Edward Burtynsky    | Analysis 
Tim Simmons            | Analysis
Darren Soh                 | Analysis
Dan Holdsworth        | Analysis
Finn Beales                 | Analysis
Karen Granger           | Analysis
Masashi Wakui          | Analysis
Trey Ratcliff                | Analysis
Julian Calverley         | Analysis
Micheal Gordon         | Research
Chloe Dewe Matthews  | Research
Terri Weifenbach      | Photo
Nick Meek                   | Photo
Stephen Shore           | Photo
Ted Gore                      | Photo
Fong  Qi Wei               | Photo
Lucas ZimmermannPhoto
Paul Sarawak             | Photo
Martin Rak                 | Photo
Jem Southam              | Analysis    (BA3b)
Richard Misrach        | Analysis   (BA3b)

Documentary (13)

Steve McCurry             | Analysis 1 Analysis 2
Sebastiao Saldago       | AnalysisResearch
Katryn White                | Guest Speaker
Kasia Wozniak             | Guest Speaker
Jillian Edelstein           | Guest Speaker
Carl Bigmore                | Guest Speaker
Pedro Meyers               | Research
Luc Delahaye                | Research
Paul Seawright            | Research
Nick Brandt                  | Research
Sam Hurd                      | Photo
Richard Moss                   | Analysis
Simon Norfolk                 | Research

Commercial / Still Life  (16)

Oliviero Toscani          | AnalysisResearch
Serge Ramelli              | AnalysisPhoto
Carol Sharp                  | Guest Speaker
Andy Earl                      | Guest Speaker
Scott Grummett         | Guest Speaker
Luke Stephenson       | Guest Speaker 
Sam Kaplan                  | Analysis
David Lachapelle        | Analysis
Dan Tobin Smith        | Analysis
Aaron Nace                   | Photo
Nadav Kander              | Photo
Ben Stockley                | Photo
Bene Tan                       | Photo
Pelle Cass                      | Photo
Dina Belenko               | Photo
Louie Rochon               | Photo

Fashion / Commercial  (9)

Lottie Davies               | Guest Speaker
James A Grant             | Guest Speaker
Hayley Louisa BrownGuest Speaker
Mika Ninagawa          | Analysis
Finlay McKay              | Analysis
Eugenio Recuenco     | Analysis
Alan Mcfetridge          | Analysis     (BA3b)
Sam Barker                  | Analysis    (BA3b)

Nick Knight                 | Photo
Nikki Harrison           | Photo
Dmitry Arhar              | Photo

Fine Arts / Experimental (12)

Benjamin Von Wong| Analysis 1Analysis 2
Wynn Bullock             | Analysis
Rob Woodcox              | Analysis
Kelly Richardson       | Analysis
Anish Kapoor              | Analysis
Yayoi Kusama             | Analysis
Phillip Keel                  | Analysis
Rinko Kawauchi         | Research
Richard Mosse            | Analysis
Ori Gersht                    | Research
James Turrell               | Research
Marius Vieth               | Photo
Carl Warner                | Analysis  (BA3b)

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